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Case Example
China's Aerospace Partner-Monarch Sanitary Ware

On April 24, 2021, the sixth "China Space Day" launch ceremony and the opening ceremony of the 2021 China Space Conference were held in Nanjing. On behalf of the national sanitary ware brand, Monarch Sanitary Ware, as a partner of China's space industry, appeared at the exhibition with its hard-core wisdom and technological achievements, which received wide attention from all walks of life.

In the morning of the same day, at the opening ceremony of the Space Conference, the National Space Administration officially released the name of China's first Mars rover - "Zhurong", which contains the heritage and profound connotation of Chinese national culture and is full of blessings and expectations for the space industry.

After the opening ceremony, Wu Zhenglong, deputy secretary of Jiangsu provincial party committee and governor, Zhang Kejian, vice minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of National Space Administration, came to the space exhibition hall to visit the models of major space projects, physical objects and exhibits such as moon soil collected by Chang'e V. When they came to the exhibition area of China space business partners, they expressed their approval of the two intelligent toilets exhibited by Monarch Sanitary Ware.

Since 2020, China has made a lot of achievements in many fields such as planetary exploration, satellite communication and rocket technology, which made the nation feel proud. In this regard, Wu Zhijian, director of China Aerospace Foundation, said that in the development of China's space industry, it is inseparable from the strong support of a group of responsible and responsible "Chinese space industry partners" such as Monarch Sanitary Ware.

As a listed national enterprise, Monarch Sanitary Ware always upholds the concept of people-oriented, focusing on the research and development and production of high-quality sanitary ware, and in the new round of intelligent storm in the industry, with design + technology, the steady development in the direction of China's intellectual manufacturing.

While satisfying the needs of the public in sanitary ware, Monarch  Sanitary Ware also extends its gaze to a higher and more distant level. Driven by the spirit of aerospace, we continue to accelerate technological development, improve product quality, enhance brand vitality, and innovation as the core competitiveness to promote the development of the aerospace industry and revitalize the Chinese sanitary industry.

Monarch Sanitary Ware, will also "design + technology", to bring consumers more better and more advantageous quality sanitary products and services, in order to build China's national brand power, to help China's space industry to a new journey!

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