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How Can I Increase The Low Water Level In The Toilet?

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Author : Carol
Update time : 2022-06-09 18:23:37
Is your toilet's water level lower than normal? Is the water level in your toilet bowl not reaching baseline after flushing?

This is a common anomaly, and correcting it is usually simple. A few possible causes exist for this phenomenon, and fortunately, it's often a simple matter to treat with a few plumbing tools and a little time.
1.Damaged fill tube is the most common cause of low toilet bowl water level.
The most common reason the water in your toilet bowl is low is that the fill tube is leaky. It is a flexible black or clear plastic tube that keeps water in the tank.
This small part enables water to flow from the toilet into the bowl whenever the toilet is flushed. Over time, this part can become unfastened from the overflow tube or simply experience general wear and tear. When this happens, the toilet bowl fills up with water, and the valve stops water flowing while the bowl fills up.
Lift up the water tank lid and look at the base of the fill tube to see if it's in good shape or not. If it is not connected to the overflow tube, then set it back into the cylinder. If it's damaged and cannot be repaired or adjusted, replace the fill tube.
2. Damaged Fill Valve.
Your toilet fill valve is the component responsible for replenishing your toilet after you flush it.
The tube is a white tube that delivers water to the bottom of the toilet and into a shutoff valve at the top. As long as the ball or cup floating on the water remains, the valve will shut off once the water reaches a certain height.
Over time, the valves in your fill line will wear out, therefore, if your defective and broken fill valve should not be repaired, you can purchase a replacement at any hardware store.
3. Cracked toilet.
There are certain instances when cracks can occur in toilets. When leakage of water into the bottom of the toilet occurs, the water level in the toilet bowl will drop.
4. Blocked Sewer Vent Line.
Occasionally, low water in the toilet bowl is due to an issue with the sewer vent line.
This pipe stretches from your bathroom to your roof via a vent tube in your toilet. Your plumbing vent tube removes sewer waste and is paramount to the flushing toilet. If this vent tube gets blocked, the water level in the toilet bowl could be affected.
SOLUTION: Shine a flashlight into the air vent to clear out some of the dust that's piled up at the top. If there's a clog, use a plumber's snake to try to dislodge it. If that doesn't work, or you don't see a clog, call a plumber for assistance.
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