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How To Prevent Poop From Sticking To Toilet Bowl?

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Author : Carol
Update time : 2022-09-21 18:21:14
If you want to take stock of the contemporary workplace
The classic "social death" scene
The sticky toilet must be on the list

Especially in company bathrooms
There's a long queue outside
The next department has you
Fiona of business cooperation is
Talk and laugh with your boss

And you, hiding in the cubicle
Press the flush button over and over
Seeing that the water flow is getting smaller and smaller
But the remaining poo still sticks to the toilet
thread, not moving

I saw it clawed there firmly
as if once washed away
will fall into a never-ending cycle

What can you do?
Courage to go out and let colleagues
Watch your poop?

no, you can not
You can only stand by the toilet
face to face with your poop
Wait until you can't hear anything outside
Walk quietly out of the crime scene

If this happens often
worrying possibility
It's not just "social death"
because once you search the internet
start to worry about "physical death"

Stool viscosity is closely related to water content!

When stool water content reaches 60%
it will reach peak viscosity
and easily adheres to the toilet

Maximum relative viscosity at 60% water content of stool
Almost no viscosity when the water content is as high as 90%

So, poop sticks to the toilet because
you just put its moisture content
Controlled in an ingenious range
Too dry, too thin

So how do you control it so subtly?
The source of stool is food
Let's start with what we eat
find answers

1. Eating too much of certain fruits and vegetables

The most like "murderer"
those foods that are inherently sticky

They contain a lot of sticky ingredients
such as viscous dietary fiber,
Mucin, amylopectin, etc.

These ingredients usually have a strong ability to absorb water
can draw moisture
Mix with yourself into a sticky glue

But not all sticky stuff
can "live" to the large intestine

through the mouth, stomach, small intestine, etc.
The test of the level
Most of them are either digested or absorbed
either fermented by gut bacteria
become unrecognizable
no longer has the ability to absorb water

However, there are several viscous dietary fibers
But can stand firm to the end, stand out
Such as common pectin, gum

they follow the digested chyme
Comes to the large intestine to form stool
structurally intact, they absorb water very well
increase the water content of stool
The viscosity also increases

Many common fruits and vegetables
pectin, gum

Eating too much of these
It's easier to "enjoy silky smoothness" when you poop
The problem of sticky toilet also followed

many mammals, especially herbivorous
no such trouble
For high utilization of carbohydrates
They are equipped with various types of microorganisms
Helps ferment all forms of cellulose
Don't give them a chance to absorb water
Dry stool, it will not stick to the toilet

Humans do not have this type of suitable gut flora
But that's not a bad thing
After all, viscous dietary fibers like pectin
Great benefits for the body

The food they wrap has increased viscosity due to
Walking in the gastrointestinal tract is very rough
not only increases satiety
Also because of slow absorption
Make blood sugar rise more smoothly

They can also absorb some bile
Reduce cholesterol synthesis and absorption
In contrast, sticking toilets is a trivial matter

However, some people do not like to eat fruits and vegetables
For them, the reason for the sticky stool
more likely -

2. Eat more meat

Some proteins also have the ability to absorb water
But in general
Protein can be completely digested and absorbed by the body
But I can't stand some comrades eating too much.

It makes the body unable to digest it
Excess protein survives to the end
Pulls water and makes stool sticky

than dietary fiber
This protein-rich poop
more distinctive

not only sticky
usually stinks

In short, the stool is sticky
It's mostly about what you eat
Diseases such as colon cancer
Although there are also changes in stool characteristics
but usually accompanied by
More obvious warning signs:
Weight loss, blood in the stool, diarrhea...

If it's just a sticky toilet
don't worry too much

But sticking to the toilet is an embarrassing thing after all.
Can't eat less fruits and vegetables?

here comes the point
Teach you a few tips:

Attack the weak point: flush with hot water

The study found that a 20°C increase in temperature
Stool viscosity will decrease by 30%
Just slam it with hot water while it's not paying attention
No matter how firm the will is, it will collapse immediately
Obediently obey the arrangement of fate

First strike: put a tissue

When you get to the toilet, don't rush to take off your pants
Put a toilet paper in the toilet or urinal first
In this way, even if you pull out the king of high viscosity shit
It can only flow with the paper and slide into the sewer
Obediently obey the arrangement of fate

Note that this trick has two points:

1. Precisely locate where the poo falls

2. Use water-soluble toilet paper or wet toilet paper

That tough handkerchief paper won't do
it clogs the toilet
Resist fate with poo

Finally, there is a final big move -
Change the "space toilet"

Did you find out
Airplane toilets never stick?
because they were designed with
Ultra-smooth mucosal surface of the rectum
Using "Teflon" special super-hydrophobic coating
That is, the same material as your non-stick pan

As China's aerospace partner, Monarch sanitary ware. The curvature of the pipeline designed by Monarch Digital Development System meets the requirements of automobiles, high-speed rail, and space shuttles (surface curvature G3), which can reduce the resistance of water flow and make drainage more smooth.

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