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The new intelligent sanitary ware production project of Monarch Sanitary Ware was put into operation

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Update time : 2022-02-22 18:06:53
On January 6, the Sichuan-Chongqing Cooperation Demonstration Project Monarch Intelligent Sanitary Ware Production Project, located in Sanjiao Industrial Park, Yongchuan National High-tech Zone, Chongqing, was officially put into operation. The project is invested 800 million yuan by D&O Home Collection Group Co.,LTD. (formerly known as D&O Home Collection Co.,LTD.), the largest acrylic sanitary ware manufacturer and well-known building ceramics manufacturer in China. It is planned to build 5 in Yongchuan in three phases. The intelligent sanitary ware production line is expected to produce 5 million sanitary ware products annually after it is completed and put into operation, with an annual sales value of about 1.2 billion yuan.
Monarch Sanitary Ware Intelligent Bathroom Production Line

Previously, Monarch mainly had two production bases, one is the production base in Chengdu; the other is the "OuShennuo" ceramic tile production base in Guangdong. In addition, it also produces bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, hardware, wardrobes, cabinets and other products.
The Monarch intelligent bathroom production project put into operation in Yongchuan this time will focus on the production of intelligent toilets and intelligent sanitary ware. A complete industrial system integrating R&D, production, office and warehousing will be formed, and intelligent bathroom products with complete functions and advanced technology will be produced.
"Yongchuan Monarch Sanitary Ware Smart Sanitary Ware Production Project is a strategic factory of the company! The company will mainly produce smart toilets, which not only fills the company's blank products, but also is a strategic product that the company will focus on developing in the future." said the person in charge of D&O Home.

The first production line that has been put into production is designed to produce 120,000 smart toilets per year, and the second production line will be put into production before May next year, with an annual output of 230,000 smart toilets.
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