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Case Example
Monarch Sanitary Ware And Hong Kong Red Star Macalline Universal Home Furnishings Ltd. For Reaching In-depth Strategic Cooperation

On April 8, a strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held between Monarch Sanitary Ware and Red Star Macalline in Chengdu. Ms. Wu Chaorong, Executive President of Monarch Sanitary Ware, Mr. Xu Qiang, General Manager of Monarch Sanitary Ware Marketing Center, Mr. Chang Cheng, Deputy General Manager of Red Star Macalline Bathroom Tile Division, Mr. Le Chen Yi, Business Director of Red Star Macalline IMP Bathroom Ceiling Division and other leaders attended the signing ceremony together and reached a high level of consensus on the cooperation projects of mutual concern!


As one of the leading enterprises in China's building materials and home furnishing industry, Red Star Macalline has always taken the mission of improving the taste of Chinese people's home life, and is committed to channel construction, aesthetic development and consumer upgrading services, which is a good match with the positioning of the high-end brand of MonarchSanitary Ware.

The strong cooperation between Monarch Sanitary Ware and Red Star Macalline is an important step to strengthen the terminal strategy channel. Relying on the resources of Red Star Macalline, Monarch Sanitary Ware accelerates channel expansion to achieve the goal of deep plowing in blank areas across the country; at the same time, Monarch Sanitary Ware and Red Star Macalline will adhere to the original intention of cooperation, so that more consumers in Red Star Macalline to buy quality Monarch  Sanitary Ware products and enjoy a more complete and intimate service and experience.

In the face of the changing market pattern and new consumer upgrade, Monarch Sanitary Ware will focus on the brand upgrade strategy, focus on the layout of the national home furnishing store channel, deeply expand the national market, select the industry's high-profile, high-reputation partners for strategic cooperation, to further achieve synergy, lead the industry and win the market!

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